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VERGER DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS LLC was founded in 2002 by Veronica Ford to be a collaborative & customer-focused leader in providing web development and IT Consulting services to Houston and the surrounding area. Since that time, our company has grown to include exceptional Cloud & ERP Solutioning, Program & Project Management, and Professional Development training.

Our Mission

To provide customer-focused, sustainable IT solutions that improve and support day-to-day business operations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to successfully lead the solutions implementation process through communication, collaboration, and the daily process of aligning, enhancing, supporting & empowering our clients.

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As an independent contractor and sub-consultant, Veronica Ford and Verger Development Solutions, have provided exceptional Program & Project Management, and Professional Development training in the IT and Construction arena. Our 20-year consulting history has afforded Verger with the opportunity to provide these services to clients in a wide variety of industries; including Oil & Gas, Transportation, Education, Logistics, Telecommunications, Insurance, Government, and Automotive Coverage.

Who we ae

Our Values

The Verger Philosophy is to give each project our best in Quality, Professionalism, Integrity, Reliability, and Service. This philosophy has helped Verger develop a repeatable model for success across its client base for delivering projects on time and under budget.


We promote and support our team.
We work as a team to fulfill oui mission and goals.


We respect our customers, employees, volunteers, supporters, and all stakeholders. We show passion and demonstrate integrity, honesty, and fairness in every action we take.


We accept our individual and team
responsibilities and we strive to meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions


We use our creativity to deliver service to those we touch. We look for ways to add that special touch.


We use our creativity to deliver service to those we touch. We look for ways to add that special touch.

Why us

Why Us


Our Differentiators

Skilled Communicators

Good communication improves relationships, builds trust, and leads to effective problem-solving. Verger is diligent about listening and asking questions to understand and deliver results.

Collaborative Development

Provide a transparent view into the design process and uses an agile approach to ensure the requested product is delivered as expected.


Project Lifecycle Experience

Verger has an intimate familiarity and understanding of all aspects of the program and project lifecycle from discovery through closeout, delivery, and maintenance. As a result, we are skilled in leading as well as in supplementing existing teams through business transformation, process automation, and training.


Passional Project Management

  • As certified Project Management Professionals with over 10 years experience in Project Management, Verger uses the standards of the internationally recognized PMBok (Project Management Book of Knowledge) as well as CSM (Certified Scrum Management) to implement projects successfully time and time again.

  • Verger has also provided PMP training to over 200 students and career professionals based on the PMBok and Scrum training principles.

  • As a result, Verger has intimate IT knowledge and the expertise to successfully lead & support companies through Digital transformation, Cloud solutioning, CRM & ERP implementation, SaaS implementations, and Workflow Automation.


Our Methodology

Verger strives for successful implementation with each project which means ensuring customer satisfaction through a collaborative development, review, and training model geared toward sustainability long after deployment. To this end, we strive for success in every project by making sure we:


To this end, we strive for success in every project by making sure we:


Understand the client’s vision and align with the team to form a cohesive, integrated group working together towards a common goal.


Improve efficiency in the team's existing processes by identifying what works and enhancing where needed



Active listening, timely communication, and regular delivery and feedback ensure that clients feel heard and supported 


Provide sustainability training to ensure the team owns its own process, the process can be effectively maintained, and new users can be onboarded easily.

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